Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Marley and Ella

You wanna see something adorable? Mom got 9-year-old Marley a kitten! Marley is very happy about it. The emotional scene was so popular that Marley gave us a follow-up, where we see that Ella the kitten has grown in size, and seems very happy with Marley. (via Laughing Squid)

Animals That Only Bite Tourists

I have an ongoing project to make posts for mental_floss articles I wrote way back when that I do not have an archive for. Here's an early one that got a lot of mileage in its day. 

It's not always fun to introduce visitors to your local flora and fauna. Dealing with tourists can be a real chore. So the habit of pulling their legs a bit can be a welcome bit of fun. It goes on all over the world, so when you are traveling, be aware that there may be a bit of poking fun going on ...especially if you're told of a scary local animal to beware. Read about snipes, hodags, jackalopes, and more in this 2007 mental_floss post

Monday, January 23, 2017

Portable Dehumanizer

When Dads Protest

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Needy Cat

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Tweet of the Day

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Farm Life

The Dark Side Of Star-Lord You Never Hear About

For many of us, the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy was the first time we encountered Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians and an all-around relatable hero with a sense of humor. But the character has a history in Marvel Comics that you might be surprised to know. Character creator Steve Englehart had a long-term vision for Star-Lord that went by the wayside when he left the company. Then things got weird as other writers took over, and Star-Lord moved to TV, video games, and movies. Your vision of Star-Lord might be changed by this video from Looper, but you can can look at him any way you want to. After all, it's fiction! (via TVOM)

Attractive Dog

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Single People Aisle

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Poor Coyote


Getting Power During a Power Outage

The electricity in your home goes out. What to do? Well, if you knew what you were doing, you could use a flashlight to find the available batteries in your home to generate juice to run your most valuable gadgets. Mehdi Sadaghdar of ElectroBOOM gives us a demonstration of why we really don't want to do what he's doing. Ever. But we appreciate the pain he goes through to warn us. (via Laughing Squid)


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Saturday, January 21, 2017

She Was Dead

Stool Sample

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Barnaby Dixon's Raptor Puppet

Barnaby Dixon is the young puppet designer who showed us his delightful Aztec warrior finger puppet last year. Now he's got a new one that evokes the real feel of a prehistoric raptor! The puppet is a rather complicated construction, but as before, his skills in operating it make it something special. (via Tastefully Offensive)